What Is It Like to Travel?

To travel is to find out new places, new faces and new experiences. Well, for most. Travel has been a part of me right since I was born. Travel has defined me as a person. It taught me what books didn't and showed me life unlike any other. In a way, Travel has helped me find myself.

Unspoken: #TalesOf2015

A 2014 in a new bottle, that's what a friend told me as we called it another day in the unusually warm Winter evening while headed back from work. How has been this year to me - Has it been kind, hurtful, challening or perhaps enlightening? I didn't know. I have been too busy focusing on doing things that matter and giving myself (relatively) more time.

The New year came in with a bag full of challenges. New home, new equations, new hope. The year looked like one long party, with loved ones around and things feeling just about alright. 

With the new year, the list of extended weekends came and without a doubt, plans were made, and then shelved for reasons unknown. Well, some plans did see the light of the day. 

Uttarkhand and Himachal Pradesh welcomed, like always, with their open arms. Be it the unsurprisingly hot Summers or the understandbly long weekend, the hills were there just when we needed them.

Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, India
Though the sea was missed very much, it was time to let it go. For the roads in the mountains and their love called me once again, shrouding me in its mist and magic and the ride was just about alright. 

But then with every high comes a bad hangover. Amidst misunderstanding, mismatched expectations and avoidable exchanges, few bid good-bye, some close ones were seen off with a broad smile and heavy heart. Yet, life chugged on and birthday arrived. Tosh, a tiny li'l village in Parvati Valley, mended me and gave me the strength to make a few tough calls, including quitting a dead-end job and a few dead-end relationships, surgically.

Nemo indian beagle mix dog
New bonds were forged, life became exciting with my Nemo coming in on a pleasant July 13th. I immediately knew what it felt like to be a father. To be worried sick with every sound that the puppy would make and the diligent rounds at the vet and finding the world's greatest joy in seeing him sleep on my lap, it's been an unparalleled ride.

As a trip back home happened, new realization dawned. Bad thoughts were jettisoned into their own despair and few decisions later, here I was, getting ready for another year.

A new hope dawned during these times. Life suddenly had a purpose, a goal. Here I was in the abyss of disillusionment and this bond felt like a last fight out from the current predicament. 

I looked back at the good-byes and the hellos, I looked back at avoidable exchanges and unavoidable happiness. There were friends, there are friends and there will be friends, just different ones. A sad reality and a happy realization nevertheless. It was far morose as it is going to be amazing in the coming days.

In the days to come, there will be despair lurking somewhere to wrap its hands around me. But that's alright. I'd have myself to make better, with every failure. There are new people in my life, new place, better place and expectations which are handled. So, even though it's a tough battle, it's not one that I am fearing losing easily. It's being an amazing ride and I have made, above everything all, memories. Amazing ones. 

As months turned to weeks and weeks to days, the new year seems impossibly close. I cannot wait for the next year to start and so many plans to take wings. 

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Savour the Best of Delhi at The Claridges: #ClaridgesCaptured

Through the plush lanes of the bygone-era, one iconic hotel stands through the test of time - The Claridges. Their iconic brand still holds true to the ones with a finer taste of life. As I walked through the corridor replete with mordern paintings and the festive season crowd buzzing about the lobby, I couldn't help but wonder the stories etched in the walls of this magnificent hotel.

Built in 1952, this hotel was once the favourite place for our first Prime Minister - Mr. J. Nehru, for an evening cup of tea. Very few hotels have the ability to charm you with their contemporary luxury. Be it their newly renovated Dhaba which frankly took my breath away when it came to the detailing (they even had a Truck inside the dhaba) or Jade which defines luxury, I was thoroughly spoilt for choices. 

The calm exteriors make way for the vibrant interiors, with colours bursting through every corner of this hotel. With privacy and security given utmost importance, one feels at home when one visits here.

Being at the heart of the city gives you an added advantage of worrying less about the commute. With Winters setting in the capital, you could even take a stroll outside and marvel at the heritage buildings on your way around Lutyen's. 

Their cute li'l bakery, aptly called "Ye Old Bakery" had some of the most delicious pastries I have had the opportunity to taste in Delhi. As the bustling Claridges Gardens got ready for twilight, more guests poured in, thanks to the impending weekend. 

Their spacious rooms have every corner speaking out. I was impressed by the level of care put into designing these rooms. While we enjoyed the evening tea and marvelled at the sights of the hotel, including the pool, dusk rolled in the Capital of India. 

With every passing minute, with every light being switched on at the hotel to usher in the night, it was a sight to see. Truly, being at The Claridges brings you close to the heart of the city. 

So, pack your bags and head to the city with sights and sounds unlike any other in world, everyone at the Claridges is waiting with open arms.

Through the plush lanes of the bygone-era, one iconic hotel stands through the test of time - The Claridges Hotels &...

Farewell, My Friend

Farewell, my friend, as I see you off to a journey unknown. Farewell, that's all I can say. I have had so many things to write, and yet, I can only muster this word. Have a happy life, may you be loved like you always wanted to be, may you love like you never have. May the moments we cherished together get written over by better ones. May you travel the world, see the stars glisten on someone else's eyes, someone who loves you as much as the world.

Is It Really Worth It?

'On Melancholy' - The School of Life from Hannah Jacobs on Vimeo.

Through the silence in between the words and through the disappointing glares of so many, you may have asked yourself this question, or worse, forgotten to. They have marched on, leaving you with a shattered thought of hopelessness, like a dinghy lost in the sea, lost in the silence between the words and you hope and pray to find the answers and find your salvation. There are so many things that are running through your mind that you are oblivious, oblivious of the very root of the problem that has taken you down the path you never wished you had set foot on. And yet, here we are, through the nothingness of cold winter and a stiffling summer, trying to find answers.

To Unlearn Your Love

The call got disconnected before I could say "Stop!", before I could plead one last time to that person, individual, to still hope, to still consider the morning after the night. The call got disconnected as the night enshrouded me into a raging storm of Whys and What Ifs. I could call back but the number will be switched off, I could leave a message but it won't work the same way. Social networking sites, the thought-dump of so many of us, weren't quite working for me. When you are angry, you can still mutter a few words. But this was rage, an anger so pure that the mouth couldn't fathom a few words. Suddenly, the cold night didn't seem cold enough.

It's All About Leaving an Impression

When was the last time you truly made an impression upon the world? Maybe a pitch where you were undermined before you stepped up and won the account. Maybe the day you took an important call for your company and the end result was nothing less than amazing? Winning an impression isn't simple. Through sustained belief in oneself, you truly create an impression that lasts long.

So, how can you ditch the conventional and leave an impression for generations to come?

Question before Agreeing
Just to win the corner office, the world is busy agreeing to anything and everything. Question, ask, and above all debate. Never agree to anything the moment it's handed over to you. Instead, ask how you can benefit everyone involved by optimizing your role. And that can only be done when you ask the right questions.

Unapologetically Right
The world is full of those who are ready to apologize if their superiors ask them to. If you know you're right and you know every single soul in the room is wrong, be willing to make the call. Every single person you see on the magazine cover has been unapologetically right till date. They have taken risks, calculative ones and they have stood their ground. The world bows down to the ones who do that.

Be Grounded
You have experienced the lows and the highs and you must have loved the highs dearly. However, the ones to reach the truest of highs are the ones who have been grounded throughout. When you're grounded, you have what it takes to shake the conventional.

Out with the Pretentious. In with the Real
Let's be honest, everyone digs honesty but not everyone can stomach it. However, that shouldn't stop you from being who you really are - your self. Be who you are. Everything else will fall into place. If not now, then soon enough.

Nothing gets you closer to the ultimate like a glass of Ballentine's. Because it's not just about having a personality, it's about leaving an impression. Check out their TVC below:

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