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I Still Remember You

I still remember.

I tried forgetting you all this while. I met new people, found new hope, changed my entire self, a self that was created by you. I changed the way I met people, the way I saw them. I started living with complete strangers, just to find a new face to remember when I felt low, and on occasions when I was happy.

And all it took was a song to bring you back to me. Well, metaphorically.

Those Eyes They Tell a Story Untold

It's cold now. Sunlight glistens through those faded window curtains on my face. The numbness of the weather finds its way slowly through me. I find you looking at me. The curtains gently coming up and kissing your face and somehow making you smile. I find your eyes trying to find an answer in me. And just then the clouds depart, making way for more light to come through.
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Aurindam Mukherjee