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Are You Worthy of Trust?

You and I are walking down a cold, dark alley. Not a single soul is around for miles on either side and the moon is shining down brightly to illuminate your benign face. Surrounding us are tall trees welcoming us to their home. We walk till a small opening. The moon looks so beautiful on your face. You are right there, smiling oh-so-perfectly at me. 

I draw you closer, feeling your breath for the umpteenth time. Everytime you touch me I am in heaven. I embrace you, it's as if I am embracing my own self. I don't see my self any different than I see you. I fall in love over again.

You take my hand, press it against yours and look at me. I can see the moon through your eyes, and the sheer love in them for me. I feel blessed to have a person like you, so beautiful, so serene. Every time you smile at me and ask what is it, I go deeper within you. 
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Aurindam Mukherjee