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When the Whole World Hates You

There are times when you may feel the entire world hates you. Your parents never understand you. Compare you with children of their friends who seemingly are doing no better than you are now. Sometimes, your brother or sister may hurt you for no apparent reasons. Your friends may desert you to newer ones and somehow forget to invite you in their good days.

It feels terrible to walk back alone when you thought you had many.

The more you think about the people whom you expected to be with you, the more sadness grips you like the summer rain. You don't know how to go about finding an effective way out and by the time you have stumbled on to some good memories, you are already drenched.

There are times in all our lives when sadness and hatred gets too much to make sense. Nothing remains. Absolutely nothing. Just pure, unadulterated hate. You hate the ones who brought you these tough times. You hate yourself even more for trying to give wings to your hope and ending up expecting certain things from them ...and them inevitably failing you.

But how far can you walk and hate yourself at the same time? There has to be a point where you stop, right? When is that exactly? Is it when someone special comes close to you and holds your hand and tells you that you are not alone? No. It actually begins at the time you forgive yourself. 

The world may hate you for who you are. It may make your life miserable. But remember, you are still here, you are still fighting. Be your own courage, for the world salutes the ones who are courageous enough to face up to it. If you are hurt when someone addresses you as a selfish person, don't be. There are two ways to look at this situation.

1. You tried to make them happy by giving it all, even your happiness.
2. You are selfish for your own happiness.

There is no third perspective. At least it's not yours. It's theirs. 

Get up. Dust yourself and walk. Wipe away the tears and take a long deep breath. You were alone to begin with. So, you might as well be courageous while you are alone.

The Fall and the Arduous Rise

There are many who often brag about how great people have gotten back up after a fall. What's even more amazing is that none of them tell you how to cope up with the fall. They just project you as a weakling if you aren't able to get back up after that fall.

Who doesn't like getting back up after a fall? The answer is - we all do. Those who don't get back up either don't know how or are under tremendous not to. We have a fighter in all of us. Everyone.
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