I have been humbled by these awards and recognition from the blogosphere. I am ever thankful to all those who liked my work and have praised it from time to time. Thank you all!!

  • The Blog Frog Award!(link)

They found my work to be "insightful"! Here is what they wrote on their website -

  • Top 50 in NetworkedBlogs
My blog now figures in the world's top 50 blogs in "Happiness" and "Peace" categories! Awesome!

  • Source of Insight(link)
A hugely popular website, Source of Insight recently listed my blog in the top blogs on "Happiness". Special thanks to JD! 

  • 1st Notable Newbie @ BlogAdda in 2012
A blogging community based in India, BlogAdda recently featured me as a notable newbie! It was a proud moment for me as a blogger. Here is what they wrote on Twitter -

  • BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jul. 28, ’12(link)

Spicy Saturday picks BlogAdda
When the nation's biggest blogging networks showers you with another compliment, you know you are on the right track! BlogAdda recently picked my post as their Spicy Saturday Picks! This is what the wonderful folks at BlogAdda had to say about my post -

spicy saturday picks blogadda


These words from the blogosphere always motivate me to spread the word around about how being happy can actually help! Thank you once again!


  1. Khub Bhalo..Keep up the Good work buddy !!

    Pursuit of Happiness is the Quest of Life.

  2. Boy, you are one quality writer. Well deserved :)


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