How to Build a Brighter Future, After a Relationship Ends

Our love relationships are among our most intense human connections. Unlike those we share with family and friends, they reach into every part of our lives, intellectual, emotional and physical. And when they end, whether that ending results from a death or irreconcilable differences, the pain can be unbearable. 

Recovery however, just like any grieving process, does have a beginning a middle and an end. Yet the end, will most likely not return you neatly back to where you started before the relationship began… you and your life will be inexorably altered by the experience. 

Our Forever Moment

Buried deep into your arms, my night began. I was there almost and yet I felt afar. I wanted to hug you tight, for I knew the moment would soon pass away and I'd have to face the world again, without you.

I could literally smell your perfume from up close. My chin lay on your collar bones as your hair playfully snuggled up to my face. Our moment had begun. The cacophony of the world had drowned and I wished to freeze the time. But then not all wishes come true.

The emptiness of your hug was unsettling, your tears, more so. I could write a million words but those words would fall short to describe the miserable feeling that gripped me, like these tall pin trees in those mountains. I knew you had doubts, I couldn't fathom words. I knew you had questions, I could fathom characters. All I had was my hug and the truth. The truth that the moment was soon going to pass away and our light would be gone.

But today, I have you.
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Aurindam Mukherjee