One Last Breath

The luggage was quite heavy, something I hadn’t quiet expected. But then I wasn’t quite travelling, I was leaving. 3 bags full of clothes and things I might need to start afresh in a city of millions, thousands of kilometres away. But then it’s not just the bags that you carry when you leave your home. 

I have been travelling all my life, perks of being a military brat. But then other than leaving my buddies, nothing pained about the transfers. A new place, new people always made me happy, with the prospective of probably trying to be a better kid. When you are reduced to a walking, talking Water Hyacinth, you sort of prepare yourself for the eventuality called life.

5 Wellness & Happy Resolutions for 2014

Guest post By Marta López

New Year, new attitude… It´s January and it means it´s time to make new resolutions. I´m sure this is not the first time you have thought about this (last year you probably promised yourself not to drink alcohol during the first month of the year and to give up smoking) but for once, let’s be realistic and set up goals that you can easily achieve and, even more importantly, that  will make you feel happier. Forget about the standard challenges and think about those little things in life that are easy to explore. Are you ready for the happiness? 
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