5 Things You are Doing Wrong with Life

A candid post. There are many who crib online about how their lives are riddled with problems. Some take a sort of a personal offence at something they don't have a control over. If you are thinking about where you have technically gone wrong with your life, then this might be the solution that you're looking for.

You Over-listen to Others
Look around you. All the successful people have done something they were told they won't succeed in. They kept on. Listening to others more wouldn't have been good for others. There is a fine line between being a well-wisher and actually curbing your growth. Some people forget that. They jump onto suggesting you what they feel is the best possible answer for you. They are not you. Hence, they are wrong. 

The way-out

When You have a Friend Leaving

You can almost hear the train leaving already. Travel bags stare at you and you have nothing else to do but to bid goodbye to that one person whom you don't want to leave your side. You suddenly start questioning the future. You are scared. You feel like it's the end. After all, there is no way you can lead a normal life without your best friend, isn't it?

There are so many good movies that are yet to come out. There are so many places to go and joints to checkout. Who will accompany you now? The kind of retarded good times are sure to end soon and they probably won't happen again. The gifts that you brought for your friend suddenly weigh heavy and you think of turning around and not witnessing this moment altogether. But then you have to be the strong. You aren't the one who is, after all, going away.
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Aurindam Mukherjee