The Unburdened Lie

A lonely road greets the two of you as you head back. The suffocating heat isn't helping. Birds flying back to their home keep circling over their tree hopelessly to get some air under their wings. The dying Sun has the entire sky looking angry and you hope (hopelessly) for all this to get over with. The hand that holds you begins to tighten around your arms. You feel the words suddenly weighing heavy, heavier than the Summer heat that lingers in the air. 

I Still Remember You

I still remember.

I tried forgetting you all this while. I met new people, found new hope, changed my entire self, a self that was created by you. I changed the way I met people, the way I saw them. I started living with complete strangers, just to find a new face to remember when I felt low, and on occasions when I was happy.

And all it took was a song to bring you back to me. Well, metaphorically.

The Life in Hurt

"This storm has gone past. Maybe it's will be alright for some time."

The petrichor of silence is all that you are left with after your thoughts rain down all night. The desperation isn't visible to everyone, anyone perhaps. Yet, inside you are burning with questions, with thoughts that are raring to turn your world upside down like a shipwreck in a storm. And you can't have your sails brought down. You have to move ahead.
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Aurindam Mukherjee