Alone and Happy? Is that Even Possible?

You look around. You are walking along a deserted road. It's way past midnight and not a single soul is out there courageous enough to brave the cold. You hang on. The cold hasn't even hit its peak. It has to match up to the inside, after all!

There are some situations that just happen in your life. Situations that you can't have any control on. There are not many occasions when you can take a step that doesn't piss anyone off. And by this constant disappointment, sometimes self-inflicted, you slowly erode away to the point that nothing but just a mere reflection of the vegetative state of your self remains. You hang on to the dear thought that it will all go away. And the cold is merely setting in.

It's midnight. Time's ticking away.

Those Eyes They Tell a Story Untold

It's cold now. Sunlight glistens through those faded window curtains on my face. The numbness of the weather finds its way slowly through me. I find you looking at me. The curtains gently coming up and kissing your face and somehow making you smile. I find your eyes trying to find an answer in me. And just then the clouds depart, making way for more light to come through.
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Aurindam Mukherjee