Your Sixty Minutes

24 hours, 24 hours make a day and yet somehow, at the end of it all, we are really left praying for some more hours. 9 hours of work, 2 hours of commute, 7 hours of pretentious-sleep and you hardly are left with time to do something that you have always wanted - to do the things that you love. Then, there are the deadlines, the expectations of others and your own unique hell that you carry from yesterday. The collective weight already makes you feel like dropping back to bed and call in sick. And yet, somehow, you know you cannot afford to do so. There is this meeting to attend, that mail to send, that college kid whom you cannot ignore anymore for sponsorship that he so desires. The Autumn morning looks eerily dry and all you can do is pray that you don't snap.

The Inconsequential Hope

It's been raining for two days now. Between dropped attendance in offices and rainy-day announcements in schools, the city has become clearer. Colors have come out from the pollutant-darkened tree leaves, and buildings have finally gotten their due wash. Water-clogging is now something that bugs all the metros of India so let's not even highlight that.

In between the maddening rain when the heavens stop for minutes, people make a mad scramble to reach wherever they want to. Hurried steps, lost calls, weather-cursing were something that had become synonymous to the rains. It was quite odd to see myself absolutely different from the rest when it came to the rains. I have loved the rains. The way they greet us with petrichor to the crystal clear surroundings they leave us with is something that none of the other seasons can match up to.


She leans on me with her thoughts, her curly hair kissing her face. Her hands rest on my knees and she keeps looking at me. The city has been washed with another round of rains and everything is clear, as clear as her deep coffee-bean eyes. She smiles away, trying to stop herself from opening up. While she is looking away, I  place the obstructing strand of hair behind her ear. She looks like the crescent moon in this cloudy night.

My own piece of moon, my own little piece of moon with her thoughts and hopes looks at me. Her smile is infectious, making my whole body, my soul, hers. I grab her hands and start kissing them, breathing her scent. 

5 Things You are Doing Wrong with Life

A candid post. There are many who crib online about how their lives are riddled with problems. Some take a sort of a personal offence at something they don't have a control over. If you are thinking about where you have technically gone wrong with your life, then this might be the solution that you're looking for.

You Over-listen to Others
Look around you. All the successful people have done something they were told they won't succeed in. They kept on. Listening to others more wouldn't have been good for others. There is a fine line between being a well-wisher and actually curbing your growth. Some people forget that. They jump onto suggesting you what they feel is the best possible answer for you. They are not you. Hence, they are wrong. 

The way-out

When You have a Friend Leaving

You can almost hear the train leaving already. Travel bags stare at you and you have nothing else to do but to bid goodbye to that one person whom you don't want to leave your side. You suddenly start questioning the future. You are scared. You feel like it's the end. After all, there is no way you can lead a normal life without your best friend, isn't it?

There are so many good movies that are yet to come out. There are so many places to go and joints to checkout. Who will accompany you now? The kind of retarded good times are sure to end soon and they probably won't happen again. The gifts that you brought for your friend suddenly weigh heavy and you think of turning around and not witnessing this moment altogether. But then you have to be the strong. You aren't the one who is, after all, going away.

The Scent of Happiness

It's more important to know where you are than to know where you are headed. There are times when the best moments of our lives go right by without any of us even having a bit of clue. These are the sights, the sounds and the smells that remind us of the promises that have to be kept, the memories that are to be cherished.

After you are done reading this post, just close your eyes for some time. You are just a few thoughts away from the people who love you. It's that simple. "Happiness is having a loving, close-knit family in a different city", someone wrote. Having lived this line first-hand, I can vouch for it!

Your Thoughts and The Sea

You are just a thought away. I can always find you whenever I want to. Then there are moments of us being together, sharing our hopes and aspirations for the future. I can live this life for another eternity, but an eternity might not be enough. I could sing you like the song I so desperately wanted to sing, and just like that the night would become day and the day, you. You will be right there, right there with me. There would be nothing but just vast expanse of the ocean, the cool blue ocean, too vast for us, too deep for us. But I won't be scared. For dying would give me just another reason for me to find you. For you are not there with me anymore. 

All That Matters

Isn't it amazing that there is a possibility that someone somewhere out there is thinking about you right at this moment of time?

Do you still remember your childhood, when the only problem that you had was your Mother not loving you enough? Do you still remember your school days, when life happened in those games periods and friendships that formed all along the way? These thoughts, you hold them close to your heart to this day, don't you?

The Quarter Mile

It's midnight now. I have my dad calling it a night. I have 24 years and 364 days worth of experience to share, to build up on. I have the faint wind breezing in from the South-facing window, and I am accompanied with thoughts, thoughts that just keep rolling in through the night.

I have learnt a lot. Humbled. Absolutely.

A Nightmare Untold

No. This cannot be a dream. It's too surreal, yet too real. I am able to see you, touch you, feel your tears on my neck, even the smell of your disappointment. No, this cannot be a dream. I...I have just met you. This is unfair. 

Yet. It's the truth. It's a Nightmare.  A nightmare untold. 

The Unburdened Lie

A lonely road greets the two of you as you head back. The suffocating heat isn't helping. Birds flying back to their home keep circling over their tree hopelessly to get some air under their wings. The dying Sun has the entire sky looking angry and you hope (hopelessly) for all this to get over with. The hand that holds you begins to tighten around your arms. You feel the words suddenly weighing heavy, heavier than the Summer heat that lingers in the air. 

I Still Remember You

I still remember.

I tried forgetting you all this while. I met new people, found new hope, changed my entire self, a self that was created by you. I changed the way I met people, the way I saw them. I started living with complete strangers, just to find a new face to remember when I felt low, and on occasions when I was happy.

And all it took was a song to bring you back to me. Well, metaphorically.

The Life in Hurt

"This storm has gone past. Maybe it's will be alright for some time."

The petrichor of silence is all that you are left with after your thoughts rain down all night. The desperation isn't visible to everyone, anyone perhaps. Yet, inside you are burning with questions, with thoughts that are raring to turn your world upside down like a shipwreck in a storm. And you can't have your sails brought down. You have to move ahead.

Planning Something Special on Valentine's day?

It goes out without saying, this is one of those days when you really have the chance to impress upon your beloved. If you have been sorry about something (may be forgotten that birthday or missed out on that date), this is the best time to make a grand comeback. Valentine's day, unfortunately, has lost its true meaning in the maddening shitstorm called consumerism. However, if you are really planning to do something that will make your beloved feel special, then there are couple of things that you need to do.

Alone and Happy? Is that Even Possible?

You look around. You are walking along a deserted road. It's way past midnight and not a single soul is out there courageous enough to brave the cold. You hang on. The cold hasn't even hit its peak. It has to match up to the inside, after all!

There are some situations that just happen in your life. Situations that you can't have any control on. There are not many occasions when you can take a step that doesn't piss anyone off. And by this constant disappointment, sometimes self-inflicted, you slowly erode away to the point that nothing but just a mere reflection of the vegetative state of your self remains. You hang on to the dear thought that it will all go away. And the cold is merely setting in.

It's midnight. Time's ticking away.

Those Eyes They Tell a Story Untold

It's cold now. Sunlight glistens through those faded window curtains on my face. The numbness of the weather finds its way slowly through me. I find you looking at me. The curtains gently coming up and kissing your face and somehow making you smile. I find your eyes trying to find an answer in me. And just then the clouds depart, making way for more light to come through.
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