Between Melting Faces

Everyone has a face with its own story. We come across so many of them, sometimes in the same person we see everyday. Sometimes, we look upto them and on some occasions, we look down upon them when we can't find the answers that we are looking for. 

And all it takes is a lie to melt them away. 

As You Went Away

3:06am It rains all night long. Between bouts of sleep, you hear the rain drops fall while they try hard to not wake you up. The wind quietly blows through the night as well, ruffling leaves of your garden trees. As you sleep, an entire world dances to a whole new song. The night is trying hard to stay back for a bit longer, trying hard to hide the nakedness of things. Yet, it lingers on with a defeated look on its face, knowing the inevitable that is about to happen in a little while.


They bring you the world. They make you what you are today. They are your parents. You may not notice it but they are nothing without you and neither can you be anything without them. I have seen people being sad despite having everything in their life, just because they couldn't share it with their parents.

Success is nothing if you don't have people to share it with.

Between Rage and Anger

Sometimes, all it takes is a word from someone else to crack you from within - disappointed. The raging anger searing in your bones begins to find its way upwards. A chill runs down your spine, you stiffen a bit and try and reason out your anger for that one last time. Yet, the anger that has laid dormant in you is unwilling. You bow your head and take a deep breath, ready for the storm to emerge out.

Rage. Pure unadulterated Rage.

When Expectation Costs You Happiness

You are busy making plans for the next day. For it's night now, and the whole world's asleep. You think about a number of things, how you can get your  life back. You bring up those scathing remarks that your loved ones told you. How they expected you to turn out a person they thought you to be and how you have disappointed them.

You sit up. You try and unsettle the sad thoughts that have clouded you like the darkness around. You try and peek out of the window. No one is willing to rescue you from the night.

Some Dreams are Better Left Broken

Dreams are the fastest route to Expectations.
Broken childhood friendship
In my fight with insomnia, sometimes I win too. However, when I am on the winning side, I am somewhere I have zero control on - my dreams. Sometimes they are vivid and sometimes they are down right stupid. Sometimes I find myself in a distorted past, where my school life and people from present keep bumping into me. I am hopelessly outnumbered and I can't even run away.

But dreams are what you make of them. Some wake up tired after a nightmare, others completely broken. However, there is one dream that surely makes one sad after it ends - a friendship. Friendship is a dream we all experience and yet no one can actually do much when they break.

Happiness in a Small Package

A breeze typical to the sea blows through the road. I, along with a couple of friends, walk through the bustling sea-shore crowd in the evening. A crowd typical to the city makes the place suffocatingly intolearble. Yet somehow, the sound of waves crashing keep coming to my ears. I am eager to find a place to sit down, to contemplate on certain things that have been bothering me off late.

At the far end of the road, where streetlights and darkness seem to embrace each other, we all get a place to sit down.

I take a deep breath and let the sea breeze fill me up. I am neither in the yesterday where I had to meet deadlines nor in the tomorrow where the unknown deamons of uncertainty await. I am right there, at the moment, where I can either choose to be happy or to be sad.

A moment is inconsequential if you don't know how to be happy in it.

Are Regrets Necessary?

"What if ..."

A blackboard with WHAT IF written on it

You slogged it out in the office. You have had a tough day. All you are looking forward to is may be a bath and then hitting the sack. You suffer through the traffic, get back home, talk to a few people on your way back over the phone, your fingers itching to hit the disconnect button. You loosen the tie, wipe off the early summer sweat and finally hit the doorbell. 

The final flight of stairs seem like a challenge too magnamious. Yet, you walk on. You are irritated with "life". The frustration shows up in the way you untie, unbutton, unzip. You are only minutes away from hitting the shower knob. You thought to sit down for a minute to cool off. 

That's exactly when the world of "What if" hits you.

Battling Frustration, One Smile At a Time

Life is a constant battle between anger and peace. You are under tremendous pressure from all quarters and yet you hope for all this to go away. But no! They keep coming back to you like moths to a flame. You run, fumble from one problem to another and by the time you realize that life happened, you are too late. 

More than losing the battle, it's about the losing the people you love, isn't it? You constantly, willingly, happily give up your little pleasures just to see them happy, just to see them a bit more comfortable, and yet no one returns your favor. There must have been times when you questioned yourself as to why you did this to yourself for the sake of others?

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Trust me, I have too.

Are You Worthy of Trust?

You and I are walking down a cold, dark alley. Not a single soul is around for miles on either side and the moon is shining down brightly to illuminate your benign face. Surrounding us are tall trees welcoming us to their home. We walk till a small opening. The moon looks so beautiful on your face. You are right there, smiling oh-so-perfectly at me. 

I draw you closer, feeling your breath for the umpteenth time. Everytime you touch me I am in heaven. I embrace you, it's as if I am embracing my own self. I don't see my self any different than I see you. I fall in love over again.

You take my hand, press it against yours and look at me. I can see the moon through your eyes, and the sheer love in them for me. I feel blessed to have a person like you, so beautiful, so serene. Every time you smile at me and ask what is it, I go deeper within you. 

Miracles ain't Forever

Please read the Part-1 of this story here.

Calls soon became a daily affair. There wasn't a single day when Sam and Trisha didn't have a talk. They laughed, talked about the future and the person they want to spend their lives with. Sam was getting hopeful. After all, he was a human being. Even though Ryan and him were good friends in college, they hardly exchanged number after it was over.

But Ryan wasn't the person he thought about all day long, it was Trisha.

They met a couple of times after that day. They visited the places where they shared memories. They even visited their college just to check how much it had changed. In the mean time Sam helped Trisha in getting interviews.

The Adventure of Emotions

It drizzles somewhat in the evening. Sam rushes past his office work to head home. The first day of the year, a Sunday. He couldn't curse himself. He always wanted to be an editor. His parents were waiting for their son to head home quickly today to have a quiet family dinner. They haven't had the chance for so long. After all, their son rarely arrived before 3am.

He was given an early off. His boss thought to take pity on him. Sam was out of the office before dusk and dinner was still some time away. He decided to savor the city and remember few things he'd so desperately wanted otherwise.

Discovering the True Essence of Love

“When you love someone, you’ll do anything, you’ll do all the crazy things, that you can’t explain..”
-          Bryan Adams

I have always pondered about this simple little question. Pondered over this question on my way back from office, pondered over this simple question when I stood at the edge of the road and watched the world go by. Love is such as beautiful word. Love happens when we find our inner reflection is somebody’s eyes. I am a person who strongly believes in love at first sight.
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