Anything Can Be Precious

It was raining like crazy. The busy market had people cowering for shelter. Few stood under the Pan-stall, few under the tin shades of the numerous shops in the busy market. The relentless wind ensured that everyone was drenched. I was no exception.

I got wet and I kept at it.

It was the first day from over a month that I was out of my bed. Jaundice had finally rested its vice like grip over me and I was finally out to enjoy the evening. Even the rain couldn't stop me.

The reason I chose the crowded market route was because of an innocuous reason - A pen. I was drenched and how! The new pen wasn't all that fancy stuff. 

The market was now deserted amidst the pounding rains and no one was on the main road cutting through the market. I came back home. Absolutely drenched.

And then..a journey began.

It saw me through many ups and downs since then. It was there when I had to vent out my feelings somewhere, somehow.

I ushered in a new life with it. I signed up for my new office with this pen. I turned over a new page of my life - with this pen.

I was hopeful. I knew for what I had signed up for. I was leaving behind my shadow and I had to smile.

It stayed with me during the training sessions.

It was there for me when I just wanted to sit back and catch up with myself in one of those seats besides the lake. It was the only companion which made my memories fall like the autumn leaves on my diary.

It hung onto me when I wrote pages on things that truly mattered to me and quietly endured when I tore those pages in the end.

Slowly, that pen became more than just what it was intended for. It became my guide and followed me along - from getting back on my feet and preparing for the exams. Night after night, it gave me the courage to continue the journey towards my dream.

And just like that, the ink went out.

Sometime in life, we truly value someone when they are not there anymore. We think about them. We miss them. 

Read in a quote somewhere, 

"God brings people in our lives to help us when he thinks we need help, and takes them away when he sees we will be alright without them."

Time to wake up.

Be That North Star for Your Loved Ones

Life is indeed a funny joke. There are people whom we often bump on to, and there are people, who guide us like the north star, and yet they are light years away.

Wouldn't it be nice to be that North Star for someone else's life?

It is absolutely painful when we see our loved ones commiting mistakes in life. Some mistakes such as, "Oops! I spilled coffee" are forgettable. Its the serious ones which make us sad, angry and above all, depressed.

Let them fall for once
Let them fall for once
There are ways and means with which we can make them a better person - by letting them go and figure it out. 

Many of us fell down while playing when we were kids (If you didn't then may god bless you!). Remember what our parents did? They never stopped us from playing, but they picked us up when we fell. They used to distract us with all sorts of things like hitting the stone that hurt us or may be something else.

The point is - Don't stop your loved ones from committing mistakes and especially, DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP!

Remember, the North Star is there to guide us, only when we look for it in the sky.

Be there for your loved one when he/she asks for help. Help them get back on two feet. This is where you will exceed their expectations. 

We will not be there for our loved ones after we die, but one thing is for sure - memories is what will remain as our best gift to them. 

Ensure to have that perfect gift, OK?
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Aurindam Mukherjee