Life Is Nothing but a Speck of Dust

Love your parents and be blessed

It is one of the saddest moments of life, when we have to see our loved ones pass away. I am simply not prepared to let someone I love go, ever. And yet, they have to leave at some point of time, isn't it?

"The soul has to leave the body for it is be at one with god."

Why can't we have the people we love to be with us, forever? It is a harsh truth to face when we have to see the angels who brought us to this world, who held our hand and helped us walk, go away. But, lord is with us. He has some divine plan rolled up on his sleeves for us.

The people you cherish so dearly like your parents, your beloved, your relatives, are there to tell you that you mean more to them than you can ever imagine. And that you need to be happy. When god takes away someone whom we so dearly love, he is trying to convey that we need to be more responsible henceforth. 

There shouldn't be any kind of sadness, albeit momentary, when we see our loved ones pass away. Every soul in this world is here because of something. It is their karma that becomes the reason for them to be here. When they finish what they came here for, their job is done.

I was especially close to my dog. As a child, I made our dog my world. Being the only son, Jimmy was everything to me. But then he grew old and passed away one day. I was devastated. My world had collapsed. I remember my father coming up to me and taking my hand to get a new dog. 

He said, "Baba, it was his time. Don't be sad. I will get you a new dog. But promise me to take care of him. To nurture him and make him what you aspire for." This is how we brought Sumo. And soon, I was at peace with Jimmy leaving me. I simply changed the way I perceived everything, and now I was happy.

Whenever God closes one door, he makes sure to open a couple of windows. It is we who need to decide whether to mourn over the closed door or sit up and enjoy the window-view.

It is all about love, isn't it?

Enjoy every moment with the people who consider you to be their world. With them, the picture would definitely look perfect. Without them, the picture will never be complete, howsoever perfect. 

(Dedicated to Nupur, my sweetest friend who lost her dad a couple of days ago. Her strength is an inspiration for me and for the world.)

Rules And Why We Don’t Need Them!

Every day we come across so many rules - Rules that have the potentials to turn us in to nothing more than a piece of tin. Right since the moment we are able to understand the meaning of words and gestures, are we made aware of this one particular word.

Rules are like these invisible strings that control our day-to-day life and make us what we are. Rules are hated by us, but like our lives, they just cannot be ignored. I once read somewhere, “What is the point in teaching the kids how to talk if throughout their lives we tell them to shut up and maintain silence?”

Many believe rules are made by those who have the power for those who don’t. Rules ensure that the rich and the poor stay how they are supposed to be.

Right since the time I hit the alarm, I come across so many rules. But most of them, ironically, are all about the restricting part.

I recently had the chance to spend some time near the calm sea shore. I figured, it is not just the authorities who impose the rules, it is us as well. We also set rules which make us likeable by some, hated by others.

Sometimes, many of us create rules, and a web of them, which we later regret. These rules ultimately prove disastrous for us and by the time we realize it, the moment is gone.
Rules are only as good as we allow them to be. By effectively breaking the rules, both internal and external, sometime we create pathways which leave a lasting impression for many.
Break the rules often
But then again, this is just a thought.

Wrapped up in the profound thoughts that may well kill someone, I woke up to this strange feeling. A feeling that just cannot be turned to words that easily. The dead silence of the night was actually a boon to me. Throughout the day, I talk, I work and I move. The darkness of the night just gave me ample reasons to listen, listen to my own self. 

The best thing you can do to yourself is by listening to your own self. I have realized it time and again. Every good thing has to come to an end. I realized I myself created some rules that have devastated me over the years. I had no one who could take back my words, my actions other than myself.

These rules are only as good as what you allow them to be.

Creating rules for ourselves is a very delicate task. One must be very careful when creating one for him/her. One of my previous posts dealt with people who built walls around themselves. The post tried to gauge why people create rules which makes their lives miserable altogether.

Create rules that would stop yourself from becoming vulnerable to unwanted people, not the rules that would do more harm than good.

Love Your Parents and Be Blessed

There are times when we begin questioning our very own existence. These are  times when we suddenly see everyone going away from us. We begin to feel dejected and exhausted with millions of thoughts criss-crossing our minds. Life has always been a learning curve for us. Those of us who know where and what life tried to teach us, are left contended. It is that lot which never understands when life gives them a chance find themselves in utter mess when any unforeseen circumstance happens.

We, like the everyone, are close to our parents. One finds the joys of the whole world in the eyes of mother and discovers the true meaning of heaven in the feet of father. But, with the incessant use of technology these days, we are so connected to our friends (and probably their's) that we hardly have time for the people who gave us life, who made us what we are today.

hand holding fingerWhat is the use of technology if it alienates our parents from us. A tree, no matter how big, would fall dead without its roots. Why are we not being able to understand this simple thing?

I am asking a simple question, "What bothers your dad or mom, right now?". Will you be able to answer that? Well, a typical bonehead answer can always be expected, "They are absolutely fine." But the truth is, they are not. Something is bothering them and you better lend an ear to their problems.

Seeing one's son/daughter getting busy with his/her life is something that will eat any parent from within. It makes them feel unwanted. And the saddest part of it all is - They did nothing to deserve it.

Life without a parent (or both) is terrible. Trust me, it is not easy to live a life sans one's parents. So, do one simple little thing everyday. Before you sleep and wish your boyfriend/girlfriend, a sweet good night, take out 5 mins and have a talk with your mom or dad (or both). Ask them how was their day, what did they do. You will be amazed to hear things that you didn't even know.

And then, may be, you will have something better than, "They are absolutely fine!"

God bless you.

Be Happy With Whatever You Have

painting of a Baul singer
I have always loved the ocean. The sound of waves crashing into each other and onto the boulders has always calmed me down from within. I can sit on the shore for hours and hours keeping my eyes closed and just listen to the sound of love.

A few weeks back ( seemed like yesterday) I had the pleasure to bring the best of my worlds, closer. I went to Digha with three beautiful souls. Those two days were simply awesome for me. We guys were exactly 234 Km away from all the problems that bugged us. 

We were happy.

But let us just save the experience to some other post. What I want to share with you all is my experience while returning back home – The train ride. As our train made its way through the winding fields of crop, we became an audience to a folk singer. (Weirdly enough, I forgot his name)

He had a terrific voice, typical to his area of specialization. His distinctive clothes and his musical instrument, which meant much more than life to him, made him even more inviting.

And then, he began.

He started with an ode to his master (every baul singer does that), but couldn’t gather much attention. But we guys were hooked. We were enjoying his singing just like mavericks enjoy smoking in a rock concert. Hah!

After that, he switched on to some of the popular baul numbers (low-graded stuff basically), and had people dance to his tunes right from the second verse.

After he was done with his performance, he sat down and drank some water.

And then he started to reflect. We two were listening with rapt attention.

“Ashole garom khub poreche to babu, tai beshi gaite parina. Golae prochanda chap pore.” (Since the weather is so warm, I can’t sing at a stretch.)

“Ami ei train e prayi jai. Shobai chene amake. Tai keu kichu bolena.” (I perform in this train quite often. Everyone around here knows me and so nobody stops me from doing my job.

“Khub kom taka pai tobe chole jachhe bhogobnaer doya.” (Although I earn less, yet I am able to manage through God’s grace.)

I am simple guy, with simple wishes. I have always wanted to run-away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and I have always been unsuccessful. But here I was staring at this guy who lived what I wished for. In a way, he lived my dream.

I realized I was smiling. I was smiling since I came to know and understand something from him.

What did I learn from him? You can have a thousand things that may be out there to grab your attention. But you are the master of your ship my friend. Be contended with what you have and do what you want to do. Because 50 years down the line, you might regret NOT doing what you should’ve done.

And just when I was about to go in a deep thought, he took out his cell phone. Damn! :D

What I Learnt From That 6-Year Old Girl

It was a typical rainy evening. I had spent the entire day in the office and was beginning to worry about the return journey back home. Since I am a sub-urban guy, the return-ride to my home is nothing less than hell. To make matters worse, it was Friday. I had to update my reports. Time flew by and before I knew it, I was late.

So, I rushed to catch the metro and reached Dum Dum way in to the night. The next train was in about half hour and it was raining like crazy. With my head-phones in full volume and hunger in my stomach, I reached the nearest tea-stall (nothing like a cup of tea on a stormy night). I took a packet of cake as well. I found a place and I sat down and stared vacantly into the other end of the empty platform.

Courtesy -

I finished my cup, threw it on the track and began opening up the cake-wrapper.

A little arm stretched out and I saw a little girl with torn clothes pointing towards the cake. Her hair was all wet and yet she was happy. She was asking for that piece of cake as if it was her’s! Surprised at the sudden accompaniment, I gladly obliged.

I thought that this little soul would move on after her little “conquest”, but I was mistaken. She was in no hurry to leave and she started to dance and sing right there! I was kinda embarrassed, you know, with people gathering around. But then, it all didn’t matter to me anymore. I started to enjoy this little lady’s song and dance.

Around ten minutes passed and she was all dancing and getting more treats from people around. And then, she suddenly stopped. Just like that. She came up to me and asked, “Ami Agarparae thaki. Ami okhane oi tabij ta nite jachhi jeta porle amake oi bodmash gulo nie jete parbena.” (I stay at Agarpara. I am going there to get that pendant so that if I wear it, those bad guys won’t take me away.)

Intrigued, I went on and asked about her father, mother or any brother who might be around. But she said she was alone and by her behavior, she was enjoying every bit of it.
She kept on throwing her legs and hands in the air while she hung on to that ever-diminishing piece of cake. And while she did that, she suddenly stopped (again!) and said, “Ami boro hole na dilli chole jabo. Ekhon to ami choto? Tai ekhon chole gele, ma khub kandbe. Tai boro hole chole jabo.” (When I grow up, I will go away to Delhi. I am not going now since if I do that, my mom would cry.)

My world stopped there for quite a few moments. The rain, the sudden crowd became so irrelevant to me. I was amazed at that child’s maturity and how much she was clear about what she wanted and when. She knew which trains would take her where, and which ones won’t. She knew the Bongaon line like the back of her tiny little palm.

And just when we are enjoying the moment, wanting it to stay, the moment passes.
The train was announced.

“Train ta late na kaku?”, she asked. (The train is late, isn’t it?)
I nodded.

Suddenly, the station became overcrowded. And just like she came, with the sudden burst of fresh air, she disappeared in to the crowd with the piece of cake. It was as if God was signaling me to get back in touch with myself, with my feelings.

I remembered that little spark of life during the entire train journey. Her deep words and yet simple thoughts ultimately compelled me to write a blog.

Deciphering Moments

When was the last time you actually sat down and really enjoyed that cup of tea that is at your desk right now. Savoring the taste of the tea, relishing it's warmth and thanking it for helping you pause for a moment, have you done that lately?

Moments, good and bad, fill our daily lives like the fresh cold wind which fills up the winter season. Whether we believe in them or not, these infinitely short periods of time have a profound impact on our selves. What do we know about moments? Are they for real?

I find it very confusing when someone says, "Hope this moment lasts forever." How is that possible? Many a times between the maddening office schedule and the daily traffic, I have always tried to demystify this word for my own self. Will moments be that enjoyable if they stay with us forever? 

Acknowledging a moment is crucial for us to truly enjoy the subtle hints of life. Moments, for me are like festivals. Now, the inherent characteristics about festivals is that just when we seem to enjoy them, they get over. Festivals are enjoyable since they take a whole year to come again.

Moments are hard to come by. A lazy winter afternoon with your head resting on your beloved's lap is a moment when you experience sheer heaven. The streaks of light coming in between from your beloved's hair and her shy smile of happiness of having you with her is something that brings peace to you. These are the shared moments we all should relish.

moments are like a blossoming rose
Being mindful is a key for enjoying moment, one after the other.

In the mad times we live in, it is undoubtedly quite hard to give each moment the importance it deserves. And this insanely is the single most biggest reason why I love photography and hold every photographer in high regards. Photographers often speak about how they are able to capture a moment and reproduce it to us. Skilled photographers often are able to capture the deeper emotions behind every moment.
(When will I have the money to buy a DSLR and learn photography?)

Our mind is one heck of a thing. It can make our day or can ruin it for us. There are times when your mind is filled up crazy thoughts which are downright impossible to recreate in real life. Most the time whenever I am alone (and not wired in), I make it a point to reach out to my thoughts.

There are various advantages to reaching out to one’s thoughts which are always scrambling for attention. I am not asking you to put a cap on those thoughts, how much irrelevant they are to you or to anybody else. It is nearly impossible to stop the thoughts from jamming up your head.

There was a time when I was also bombarded by these irrelevant thoughts which hampered my daily life. I decided to do something about them. I just gave the thoughts the attention they deserved and slowly these unwanted thoughts which made my life a sheer hell are now much gone.

From enjoying a simple sweet and relishing all of them one at a time to enjoying the first drops of cold November rain, moments can really spice up your life. The feelings that erupt when you are in one of those moments are hard to put in words.

Take a time out to enjoy the moments and the thoughts that come up to your mind and you will discover the hidden key to happiness, the ever eluding happiness.


Hi! World!

Lighthouse by the sea at night
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Its 2 'o' clock and I am not asleep yet. I just finished designing the entire blog (hope you like it!) And Boy! Was it a relief! Anyways, let me tell you something that you all can expect from this blog. This blog is NOT a confessional kinda thing which most people believe are blogs written for. This blog will provide an outlet for me to share with the world  how I deal with life and what I learn from it.

Life has been a very intriguing subject to me. How do some people find happiness so easily and yet others keep searching for it just like I am searching for that one reason which will put me to sleep right now? I sincerely believe that being happy is the right of every living and breathing creature.

How to stay happy? Well, if you want to know more, then get back to this place (and your heart) quite often. You will find the best way to stay happy, even when the whole world is against you.

Take care people! Stay H.A.P.P.Y! :)
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