Why We Cry

Everyone cries at some point of time.

When you are born, when you are sad, hurt or even happy. The reasons for crying varies from one person to another. A mom cries when her child is hurt, she cries when no one understands her. A father cries when his child points at him and tells him that he is a bad father. A daughter cries when her parents demean her in front of everyone else. A son cries his when his parents hate him without understanding him in the first place. A friend cries when another misunderstand him. A lover cries when his trust is broken.

When Memories and Dreams Collide

A faint glint of light struggles through the ventilation. You are wide awake. The entire city isn't yet done celebrating and you can only wish the noise died down as quickly and the morning sun showed up. But wishes don't come true in the real world. 

In the real world, the forgotten lanes of the past are all that you find yourself in when you are done running in the maze of doubt. In the real world, the universe never conspires against you. You have nothing to gain expect those memories and a trifle amount of wisdom. But wisdom only works where there are no relationships involved.
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Aurindam Mukherjee