The Fall and the Arduous Rise

There are many who often brag about how great people have gotten back up after a fall. What's even more amazing is that none of them tell you how to cope up with the fall. They just project you as a weakling if you aren't able to get back up after that fall.

Who doesn't like getting back up after a fall? The answer is - we all do. Those who don't get back up either don't know how or are under tremendous not to. We have a fighter in all of us. Everyone.

Are You Nervous? I Know I Am

I have been nervous for too many times. Nervousness always precedes failure. I really love it when I am nervous. For seldom I face situations when I am face-to-face with fear. I always somehow connect nervousness with fear. How can anybody feel fear? Does fear happen when a person is afraid of something?

Everyone has a fear. The trick is to withstand the fear and emerge victorious. When you have big meeting coming up, or you have been asked to represent your company in an event where you are required to address a crowd of hundreds, you naturally would fear for the worst. It's natural. And this is why I hate it.

Ever Tried to Turn Back Time?

You can't freeze time. No matter what. 

You know you have to let go off that one person whom you have loved like crazy, and there is nothing so good about that. There are times in all our lives when we often question the reality around us. We see friends turning away, taking their careers a bit too seriously. And we stand in the corner, thinking what we did wrong to witness this particular day?

A life without friends, without loved ones is no life at all.

Often, it has happened that friends who were destined to be with you forever, desert you because of no apparent reason. They just vanish! You keep calling them up from time to time, the phone just keeps on ringing. No one picks up on the other end and thoughts begin creeping in your mind - Could this be the end?
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Aurindam Mukherjee