So, What have YOU done in Life?

You keep thinking about it. It hits you when you are down, it hits you when you need hope that there is actually someone or something that will stop by and take pity at your miserable condition. But sadly, there isn't anyone now, is there?

Even your heart doesn't follow your whims and fancies...just like your dreams.

Sitting by the riverside, amidst people who had come to catch the evening breeze at sunset, I noticed how that ice-cream seller kept pacing up and down the broken pathway, trying to sell a bar or two. Who stops for that man? Who asks him about his plight, about his family? No one. 

Rain and Friendship

I looked up in the night sky and it was drizzling. Watching millions of diamonds accentuating the street lights gave me something to think about that night. What do you think of when it rains? Do you think about the time when you had your friends fighting over that cup of coffee? Do you think about the time you had your first walk with your friends while heading back home from tuition?

Do think you think of them just like you would try to weave a story behind each drop?

Get Out!

Ever stood on a bridge, watched the world go by? Ever had that smile on your face for no apparent reason? Ever been happy, by being lost?

Sometimes, just by being a nobody in the crowd you can actually find tremendous amount of happiness. The world is full of people, each weaving his/her own story. Just by being a mere observer of these stories (and not necessarily being in one), you can learn a lot.

In this crazy world, we all are constantly running after something. But the things we seek won't give us happiness. Your next job change may help you get a 100% jump in salary. However, you will be no where if you don't take out time for the better things in life, for the better ones in life. 

Make your loved ones happy.

Remember, there is no heaven, no hell. Till the time your neurons keeps firing, you can feel the world. The day your brain stops, everything stops. You just become a mere corpse, waiting for your turn to be forgotten.

Live your life than just merely surviving it.

Your parents, your siblings, children, lover, friends, they are what defines you, not the price of your lifestyle. Keep your loved ones happy by surprising them from time to time. Let them know that you are there. You are not rich by your bank balance. You are rich by the number of people whom you can call up at the dead of the night, just for a chat. 

It's all about creating a legacy.

Always remember to introspect. Get out. Get lost in the crowd, find happiness in everything. Witness an animated conversation between two strangers in a local train, watch a kid doze of to sleep on mama's arms. Get onboard a bus and head to a new place. Discover.

Sometimes, simply watching the world go by can help you get back on track.

Get out! Now!

The world is watching. Get out, now!

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Aurindam Mukherjee