When You Question the Reality

Focus from Ari Kruger on Vimeo.

The night was dark. Slow winds graced up fallen leaves strewn across the deserted road. It was midnight. There wasn't a hint of life anywhere other than the sound of footsteps that I heard while returning home. Street lights had painted the night yellow and I had those memories as my sweet companion. Again.

Questions began erupting deep within me. I suddenly found myself in the middle of a storm. May be it was because of the wind that had started to pickup. Maybe.

Judging by the way relationships are crumbling around us, it really sets in the mood for introspection. We think about so many things when a relationship breaks, the why's and the what if's.

It really is a problem when you have to wake up to a whole new world and find that the biggest pillar that was there in your life up until recently, isn't there anymore.

Reality is closer home, with a hugYou feel like there isn't anyone else in this whole wide world who is as unlucky as you are.

After all, you are without something that drives the rain and makes the clouds kiss the earth; you are missing something that makes all the world a brighter place, everyday. You are missing something that the wind sings, when it carries a smell of a thousand blooming flowers in the season of spring.

Yes, you are missing Love..

With every step that takes you forward in your everyday life, you go two steps back to a past which led you nowhere. You may be walking down a road, chatting up with your friend and do nothing else but just hope that the feeling goes away.

But in the end, you can do nothing else but just hope.

No matter where you are, no matter what you do, your mind is right there in your lover's arms, with soothing gentle sea breeze dancing around you two.

You start to hate everything, you question your vision. You believe that the sole purpose of life is to mock at us and tell us how insignificant we are at handling ourselves. And yet you still long to be with your lover, embrace him/her and tell how much you love him/her.

But then suddenly you open your eyes and find out that you were in a dream, a nightmare and are left with nothing else other than the tears of love streaming down through the corner of your eyes.

For a moment, you wished to close your eyes..probably, forever.


In the end, the reality bites you
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Aurindam Mukherjee