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The Cost of a Misunderstanding

How are you today? from SophieMa on Vimeo.
Where there should have been words now lies a deafening silence. Where there should have been smiles and laughter now lies nothing but just a blank stare into oblivion. A call is all that it should have taken to dispel the misunderstanding and it does exactly the opposite – it escalates everything. One shares their misguided perception towards you and your ego kicks in with fingers being pointed towards your integrity. You are hurt, you are angry and you don’t want any of it. The palace of memories slowly seems to crumble.
Like the blank faces you find at the traffic signal or the hollow faces you see in the train, running somewhere, anywhere, every day, back and forth and back and forth and discussing petty things just to get their minds off the bigger question that haunts them every day – why this, why now? – you remain numb to the accusations. You question every beautiful memory you guys had shared and suddenly, you are reading the very book…

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