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Why are We so Confused?

Home Sweet Home from Home sweet home the film on Vimeo. We've had our exchange. You are hurt, for some reason and there are many ways this conversation could have gone about. However, it decided to head that one way where there will be no tomorrow. The veins around your forehead show, telling me that your mind is bursting with words that your mouth isn't able to fathom. Your deep sighs and glance-aways are something that you kill me with. Yes, you are most certainly disappointed with me. I cannot know why. Will I ever know why? I strongly believe otherwise. 
Distractedly, you take to the only refuge in your life lately - your phone. Unlocking it, you run through the newsfeed of bullshit, hoping with the cute cat video which the aunt you never speak to shared, would distract you. Or may be your ex-bestfriend's honeymoon photographs that are just too generic, would grab your fleeting attention, failingly. You sigh. Smartphone now makes everyone the next big photographer. The t…

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